Engineering & Steel Services Invoice Discounting sales ledger finance & management

Engineering & Steel Services Invoice Discounting sales ledger finance & management.

Are you looking for great advice for you Factoring and Invoice Discounting?  Would you like to benefit from our experience. We can help you obtain the right Specialist Engineering and Steel Services Factoring & Invoice Discounting facility. And what’s more it wont cost you a penny.

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Invoice Discounting | Acquisitions & Management Buy Outs

Invoice Discounting | Acquisitions & Management Buy Outs.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting are ideal finance facilities for anybody considering a Management Buy Out. For Free advisory and market comparison contact the experts.

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Recruitment Factoring | temporary & permanent labour companies

Recruitment Factoring | temporary & permanent labour companies.

First Factor Finance the Factoring and Confidential Invoice Discounting Broker has today lunched and new web pages targeted at the UK Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Sector. The Page provides useful guidance of all aspects of factoring and Confidential Invoice Discounting for staffing agencies etc.

First Factor UK provides free tools like an online whole of market rate comparison facility.

Essential reading for new or well established recruitment Companies.

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Twitter / Home

Twitter / Home.

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Factoring rapidly growing Accountancy Practice, helped by

The client is a medium-sized firm of accountants and taxation planning consultants based in the North. The senior partners decided that Invoice Discounting would be the most appropriate method of raising working capital finance, as it provides the flexibility and headroom necessary to enable rapid growth.

On our recommendation, we introduced them to two potential Invoice Discounting lenders. One of these was selected to structure and deliver a £500,000 Confidential Invoice Discounting facility.

The Managing Partner commented:

“Both lenders introduced by offered similar Invoice Discounting terms and pricing. However there were fundamental considerations that set one apart. As we deal with people on a daily basis its important that we ‘gel’ with those who supply our services, and get on with them personally. Both the sales director and relationship manager of one of the two companies showed they understood the Factoring and Invoice Discounting market exceptionally well, and we felt comfortable that we would work well together. The deciding factor was that the chosen Invoice Discounting company had the ability to react more quickly to changing requirements because it had shorter lines of communication, meaning decisions are made more nimbly, plus the fact we got on very well personally, all of which gives us confidence in their ability to provide a sustainable Invoice Discounting service for the foreseeable future. We need to have confidence in their ability to provide us with this continuity of service in these challenging economic times, and be supportive of our plans for the business in the future.

The new Invoice Discounting facilities were put in place in February and since then we have been very pleased with the service levels and the accessibility of information online. We have a good relationship with the Invoice Discounting providers Operations team and we can always pick up the phone and talk to them. They have also proved to be accommodating about short-term unexpected events and this flexibility has been extremely helpful.

We are delighted with the independent service offered by and highly recommend them as professional, courteous and knowledgeable of the Factoring and Invoice Discounting market, and an ideal partner with which to save time when seeking a new provider of Factoring and Invoice Discounting services. “

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Keys Commercial Finance – Great News

Judith Totten, Managing Director, Keys Commercial Finance Limited

“We are delighted to say that after only 8 months of providing working capital funding and credit management services to the NI business community , our team has picked up the prestigious ‘Business Funding Team of the Year 2012’ award at the Insider Dealmakers Dinner on Thursday 29 March .

We are both excited , proud and humbled to have been chosen over and above such well known , respected and established names as Close Brothers Commercial Finance , Bibby Financial Services , Enterprise Equity and Clarendon Fund Managers so early in our development and we will continue to work tirelessly to provide a supportive and efficient service to all our clients and partners – old and new .

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all our friends and colleagues out there and to assure you of our continued focus on bringing new and dynamic funding to NI for many years to come .”

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Aldermore launches Fuel Card

March also saw us launch the exclusive Aldermore Fuel Card designed specifically for the commercial transport industry which works in tandem with an invoice finance facility. The fuel card is unique in the invoice finance market; Aldermore are the only provider to have our own branded fuel card which can be used across 1900 Keyfuels sites across the UK.

Aldermore clients can benefit from a weekly fixed fuel price ensuring they are able to budget successfully the cost of their fuel outgoings and what with the price of fuel due to rise again in August.

Please call to find out more and what option are available to you.

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Aldermore Invoice Finance March review

Aldermore Invoice Finance, the UK Bank providing Factoring and Invoice Discounting services releases to day a monthly update for March. They have the capabilities to provide multi finance options: invoice finance, asset finance and/or a commercial mortgage facility then please contact us to explore how we could tailor a funding facility.

“£3M Invoice Finance facility: A specialist transporter business based in Scunthorpe received funding to refinance their business. Aldermore provided a £3M funding line that has not only secured the future of the company but has enabled them to win valuable new business.

£1M CID facility: Two manufacturing companies based in the North West required confidential invoice discounting to refinance their businesses from RBS Invoice Finance.  Aldermore provided a combination of two Invoice Discounting lines, each line circa £400,000 plus a £250,000 overpayment secured against a commercial property, ensuring the company’s future.

£500,000 Invoice Finance facility: Aldermore have supplied an engineering recruitment company in Birmingham a funding line of £500,000 to expand their growing business.

£400,000 IF facility: A Midlands-based wholesale specialist meat provider received £400,000 to fund a new division of this long established family business.

£350,000 IF facility: A manufacturer of furniture frames with a head office in Derby received funding from Aldermore to the tune of £350,000 to enable them to keep the business trading.”

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Factoring & Invoice Discounting for Construction Sector

Trading conditions remain undeniably tough for businesses operating within the construction industry, as highlighted by a slight 0.5 per cent drop in output during the final quarter of 2011.

One of our Factoring and Invoice Discounting Partners has been actively working with firms in the construction sector for many years and advances more than £30 million every year to a variety of medium and large contractors.

We recently approached one of our Factoring and Invoice Discounting Partners to refinance a sub-contractor customer who is a leading player within several regional markets with a strong reputation for delivering on its contract commitments. However to its detriment, its bank had categorised it as ‘higher risk’ solely because of the sector in which it operates.

Our Factoring and Invoice Discounting Partner needed to take into account circumstances including the diverse nature of its work streams as the firm works for both house builders and a variety of contractors, and the fact it operates under multiple and varying types of contract. The correct funding solution needed to be carefully thought through.

The Factoring and Invoice Discounting Partner utilised their own expert advisors to gain a thorough understanding of how the customer’s business worked to ensure the right funding package was implemented, whilst also working with a leading niche bank provider to refinance the firm’s wider bank facilities. This successful partnership ensured the business had a firm funding platform for growth and is now looking forward to meeting its ambitious aspirations for future expansion. works with specific Partners who specialise in bespoke Factoring and Invoice Discounting solutions to the construction sector and that form of finance offering is available to sub-contractors that operate under most forms of construction industry contracts.

Companies with turnover of up to £50m, and requirements up to £5m can be assured of the best match to the most appropriate funder via!

Features provided by our chosen Factoring and Invoice Discounting Partner include:

  • Has ability to provide confidential funding against outstanding billing and uncertified applications for payment under contract
  • Our Partner has significant experience in helping business owners manage working capital requirements and realise ambitions for growth
  • Expertise built over many years in various trade sectors in structuring funding facilities for many sub-contractors
  • Management and collection of outstanding contract debts conducted by own team of Specialists
  • Specialist bad debt protection against billing, including applications for payment

For more information about our Factoring and Invoice Discounting Partners please contact and be assured of excellent and prompt service!

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