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Confidential Invoice Discounting is an invoice-financing product that releases working capital tied up in outstanding invoices immediately.

How often has the elation of securing a new customer or large order subsided with a sinking feeling when you turn your attention to how it will be funded. Confidential Invoice Discounting makes it easy. The more you invoice the more working capital is instantly made available. No more waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for payment.  Confidential Invoice Discounting grows with you providing you access to your working capital that would have otherwise be tied up in outstanding debtors. And best of all its Confidential, your customers are not made aware you are using the service.

You retain responsibility for running your sales ledger; delivering goods, raising invoices even collecting the debt when it falls due. You simply provide sufficient information to the Confidential Invoice Discounting Company so they can understand the status of your sales ledger.

As no two companies are alike, no two Confidential Invoice Discounting Companies are either. Estimates differ just how many Companies provide forms of Confidential Invoice Discounting services in the UK and Ireland, its somewhere between fifty and a hundred. What constitutes an acceptable invoice or customer also differs from company to company; combine this to the acceptable age of invoices, the concentration of debtors and the sector you operate within selecting the right Confidential Invoice Discounting Company can be very time consuming to achieve the best deal.

Full sales ledgers, part ledgers, single invoices or individual customers can be included. Without doubt, Confidential Invoice Discounting is one of the most flexible services business can use to release working capital. It can be a cost effective option too. With the additional working capital you could, buy more product at a cheaper price, increase your product range, fund work in progress, pay suppliers quicker for a discount or simply fund new sales.

If you would like to find out more and talk through the costs of confidential Invoice Discounting contact

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Factoring, in one form or another, has been around for thousands of years. Factoring releases the funds locked up in outstanding sales invoices, is a sure-fire way to turn your outstanding debtors into cash. Factoring is frequently used by businesses to improve cash flow. It can also be used to decrease administration expenses.
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  1. getfactoring says:


  2. Toming says:

    Professional team. Got me Invoice Discounting in 5 days flat.

  3. Tony says:

    Can I invoice discount export debtors to South America?

  4. FactoringNovice says:

    See you been busy again Tony. Great Invoice Discounting article.

  5. GGRecruiter says:

    Won’t my customers think I’m going bust?

  6. says:

    I just transferred my invoice discounting facility. Wouldn’t recommend it.

  7. comments says:

    Is re factoring difficult? My factoring facility is not work for me. Nice post.

  8. factoringguru says:

    Take early settlement discounts form suppliers. They don’t like it but covers costs of ID.

  9. Calculated.Risk says:

    Factoring Companies say 90% advance but you get far less. Beware!

  10. Toming says:

    Very useful insights into Invoice Discounting. Thank you.

  11. Hedge.Analyst says:

    How many customers do you need to use Invoice Discounting?

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