Aldermore Invoice Finance March review

Aldermore Invoice Finance, the UK Bank providing Factoring and Invoice Discounting services releases to day a monthly update for March. They have the capabilities to provide multi finance options: invoice finance, asset finance and/or a commercial mortgage facility then please contact us to explore how we could tailor a funding facility.

“£3M Invoice Finance facility: A specialist transporter business based in Scunthorpe received funding to refinance their business. Aldermore provided a £3M funding line that has not only secured the future of the company but has enabled them to win valuable new business.

£1M CID facility: Two manufacturing companies based in the North West required confidential invoice discounting to refinance their businesses from RBS Invoice Finance.  Aldermore provided a combination of two Invoice Discounting lines, each line circa £400,000 plus a £250,000 overpayment secured against a commercial property, ensuring the company’s future.

£500,000 Invoice Finance facility: Aldermore have supplied an engineering recruitment company in Birmingham a funding line of £500,000 to expand their growing business.

£400,000 IF facility: A Midlands-based wholesale specialist meat provider received £400,000 to fund a new division of this long established family business.

£350,000 IF facility: A manufacturer of furniture frames with a head office in Derby received funding from Aldermore to the tune of £350,000 to enable them to keep the business trading.”

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Factoring, in one form or another, has been around for thousands of years. Factoring releases the funds locked up in outstanding sales invoices, is a sure-fire way to turn your outstanding debtors into cash. Factoring is frequently used by businesses to improve cash flow. It can also be used to decrease administration expenses.
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