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Releasing capital against inventory

Stock Finance is a revolving credit facility that enables you to raise additional working capital against your Stock. Stock Finance aims to assist companies increase sales volume and capitalise on other expansion opportunities. Stock Finance is designed for importers, manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers, Stock Finance helps companies to buy Stock without having to have Stock pre-sold.

Without having to use up cash reserves, Stock Finance clients are able to:

  • Order in bulk and negotiate discounts

  • Stock Finance meets seasonal demands

  • Offer more attractive terms to your customers by using Stock Finance

  • Support the top end market with better quality Stock

  • Enhance your reputation with suppliers with Stock Finance

  • Can work along side existing lenders

  • Fast access to funds Stock Finance

  • Stock Finance can be very flexible with funding up to 180 days

The right Stock Finance product is based on your business dynamics, not just assets like the business proprietor’s own home. understand the issues faced by contractors, importers, manufacturers and retailers more than conventional Banks and recognise the difference between running a business and buying a home.

Stock Finance can be tailored to your specific requirements, unlike traditional loan or overdraft facilities depending on your circumstances you may not need pledge security.